Utah is home to a thriving apparel manufacturing industry, with a diverse range of companies that cater to different fashion needs. Here are the top 10 clothing or apparel manufacturers in Utah, along with their website links, phone numbers, and a brief description of what they offer.

Fusion Clothing – https://fusionclothing.com/ – (801) 924-3215 – Fusion Clothing is a full-service apparel manufacturer that specializes in custom apparel design, development, and production.

Wasatch Apparel – https://www.wasatchapparel.com/ – (801) 386-9758 – Wasatch Apparel is a leading provider of custom athletic apparel, including sports uniforms, team jerseys, and workout wear.

Rocky Mountain Clothing Company – https://rockymountainclothing.com/ – (435) 689-0878 – Rocky Mountain Clothing Company is a Utah-based company that offers custom outdoor and adventure apparel for all seasons.

Evolve Clothing Company – https://evolveclothingco.com/ – (801) 831-7967 – Evolve Clothing Company is a boutique fashion label that offers high-quality, unique, and stylish clothing for both men and women.

Soel Boutique – https://www.soelboutique.com/ – (801) 432-8564 – Soel Boutique is a trendy boutique that offers affordable and fashionable clothing, accessories, and jewelry for women of all ages.

SoulKix – https://soulkix.com/ – (801) 218-7770 – SoulKix is an apparel manufacturer that specializes in customizable footwear and apparel for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Bumbleride – https://bumbleride.com/ – (844) 882-5550 – Bumbleride is a high-end baby stroller manufacturer that focuses on sustainability and ethical production.

My Sister – https://mysister.org/ – (801) 953-0400 – My Sister is a clothing brand that aims to raise awareness about and combat sex trafficking. The company offers a range of ethically produced clothing and accessories.

Rebirth Garments – https://www.rebirthgarments.com/ – (847) 461-9799 – Rebirth Garments is an apparel company that focuses on creating gender-nonconforming clothing that empowers individuals to express their authentic selves.

Provo Tees – https://www.provotees.com/ – (801) 400-7998 – Provo Tees is a full-service custom t-shirt manufacturer that provides high-quality screen printing, embroidery, and graphic design services.

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