Russia is a united states of america that is ordinary for its trend sense, and there are many garb suppliers accessible in the country. However, discovering the first-class one can be a challenging task. In this article, we will talk about the pinnacle 10 apparel wholesale suppliers in Russia, alongside with their internet site links, cellphone numbers, and brief descriptions.

The Fashion House – The Fashion House is a luxurious garb wholesale dealer in Russia. They provide excellent garb with splendid purchaser service. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their cellphone range is +7 (495) 109-72-72.

Merco Fashion – Merco Fashion is a garb wholesale dealer that offers low-priced and elegant apparel for women. They have a huge range of clothing, along with dresses, blouses, and accessories. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their cellphone wide variety is +7 (499) 553-38-80.

Kira Plastinina – Kira Plastinina is a widespread trend manufacturer in Russia. They provide today’s apparel for younger women. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their telephone variety is +7 (495) 788-00-33.

Melon Fashion Group – Melon Fashion Group is a apparel wholesale provider that affords a range of brands, inclusive of Zarina and Love Republic. They have a vast resolution of garb for men, women, and children. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their cellphone quantity is +7 (495) 730-59-00.

Promod – Promod is a standard trend company that provides low priced apparel for women. They have a range of clothing, such as dresses, tops, and jeans. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their telephone wide variety is +7 (495) 585-36-08.

La Redoute – La Redoute is a French trend manufacturer that has a vast range of apparel for guys and women. They provide brand new apparel at low cost prices. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their cellphone range is +7 (495) 933-61-61.

Zara – Zara is a Spanish trend company that provides low-priced garb for men, women, and children. They have a extensive choice of apparel and accessories. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their cellphone variety is +7 (495) 937-01-27.

Mango – Mango is a Spanish trend company that presents low-cost and elegant garb for women. They have a vast determination of clothing, together with dresses, jackets, and accessories. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their telephone quantity is +7 (495) 988-74-81.

H&M – H&M is a Swedish trend manufacturer that presents low cost apparel for men, women, and children. They have a huge range of garb and accessories. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their cellphone quantity is +7 (800) 700-60-60.

Adidas – Adidas is a normal sports activities clothing company that provides brilliant apparel and accessories. They have a huge range of garb for men, women, and children. Their internet site hyperlink is, and their telephone quantity is +7 (800) 200-01-60.

In conclusion, whilst there are many garb suppliers reachable in Russia, these ten are some of the exceptional in phrases of quality, price, and consumer service. However, if you are searching for an clothing producer with a 5-star ranking on Alibaba try Brandex Sourcing from Bangladesh