As a state with a unique climate and outdoor lifestyle, Alaska offers plenty of opportunities for apparel manufacturers to create specialized clothing for its residents and visitors. Whether you’re in the market for outdoor gear or casual clothing, there are several manufacturers in Alaska to choose from.

Salmon Sisters – A women-owned fishing and lifestyle brand that creates apparel inspired by Alaska’s fisheries and coastal lifestyle. Website:, Phone: (907) 299-7498

Alaskan Hardgear – A manufacturer of workwear and outdoor clothing designed for the harsh Alaskan climate. Website:, Phone: (800) 587-9044

Mammoth Outerwear – A manufacturer of insulated parkas and jackets designed for extreme cold weather. Website:, Phone: (855) 626-6846

Alaskan Outfitters – A manufacturer of high-quality outdoor gear, including hunting and fishing apparel, backpacks, and tents. Website:, Phone: (907) 337-0141

The Prospector – A manufacturer of durable workwear and outdoor clothing designed for Alaskan miners and prospectors. Website:, Phone: (907) 822-5996

Alaska Tees – A manufacturer of Alaskan-themed t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring wildlife and outdoor scenery. Website:, Phone: (907) 522-7110

Alaska Glacier Products – A manufacturer of high-quality wool clothing and accessories designed for extreme cold weather. Website:, Phone: (907) 360-1909

Grundens – A manufacturer of commercial fishing rainwear and outdoor apparel designed for harsh conditions. Website:, Phone: (800) 323-7327

Alaska Bear Factory – A manufacturer of Alaskan-themed stuffed animals and apparel. Website:, Phone: (907) 349-5437

Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers’ Co-operative – A manufacturer of hand-knit qiviut (musk ox wool) clothing and accessories. Website:, Phone: (907) 272-9225

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