Hawaii may be known for its beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, but it also has a thriving clothing and apparel industry. Here are the top 10 clothing and apparel manufacturers in Hawaii:

Aloha Islandwear – https://www.alohaislandwear.com/ – (808) 847-5986
Aloha Islandwear offers a variety of Hawaiian shirts, dresses, and accessories for men, women, and children.

Bailey’s Antiques and Aloha Shirts – https://www.baileyshawaiianshirts.com/ – (808) 536-8618
Bailey’s Antiques and Aloha Shirts is a family-owned business that offers a wide selection of vintage and new Hawaiian shirts.

Blue Ginger – https://www.blue-ginger.com/ – (808) 732-1377
Blue Ginger is a women’s clothing store that features unique and stylish apparel made in Hawaii.

Hilo Hattie – https://www.hilohattie.com/ – (808) 535-6500
Hilo Hattie is a well-known retailer of Hawaiian clothing and gifts, offering a variety of products for men, women, and children.

Island Slipper – https://www.islandslipper.com/ – (808) 847-6600
Island Slipper is a manufacturer of high-quality, handcrafted footwear made in Hawaii.

Jams World – https://www.jamsworld.com/ – (808) 847-5986
Jams World is a clothing brand that offers colorful and unique clothing designs made in Hawaii.

Kealopiko – https://kealopiko.com/ – (808) 372-4586
Kealopiko is a sustainable clothing brand that designs and manufactures clothing and accessories inspired by Hawaiian culture and nature.

Mahiku Activewear – https://www.mahiku.com/ – (808) 888-1193
Mahiku Activewear is a women’s activewear brand that offers high-quality, comfortable and stylish workout clothes made in Hawaii.

Manuheali’i – https://www.manuhealii.com/ – (808) 847-1571
Manuheali’i is a Hawaiian clothing brand that offers a variety of clothing and accessories, including traditional Hawaiian clothing with modern designs.

Sig Zane Designs – https://sigzanedesigns.com/ – (808) 935-7077
Sig Zane Designs is a family-owned design studio and manufacturer of Hawaiian clothing and accessories, featuring traditional and contemporary designs.

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