Illinois is home to a diverse range of clothing and apparel manufacturers, offering high-quality and unique products. Here are the top 10 clothing and apparel manufacturers in Illinois:

Alpha Industries – – (800) 233-1730
Alpha Industries is a manufacturer of military-inspired clothing and outerwear, offering a range of products for men and women.

American Apparel – – (213) 488-0226
American Apparel is a clothing and accessory brand that offers sustainable and ethically-made clothing for men, women, and children.

Chicago Custom Apparel – – (773) 687-0520
Chicago Custom Apparel is a manufacturer of custom T-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel for businesses, organizations, and events.

Choko Authentic Apparel – – (847) 272-5018
Choko Authentic Apparel is a manufacturer of high-quality snowmobile and motorsports apparel, offering a range of products for men, women, and children.

Hart Schaffner Marx – – (800) 558-1855
Hart Schaffner Marx is a manufacturer of high-end suits and clothing for men, offering a range of products for formal and casual occasions.

Horween Leather Company – – (773) 436-0600
Horween Leather Company is a manufacturer of high-quality leather products, including clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Jockey International – – (800) 562-5391
Jockey International is a manufacturer of underwear and sleepwear, offering a range of products for men and women.

Mizuno USA – – (800) 966-1211
Mizuno USA is a manufacturer of high-performance sports apparel and footwear, offering a range of products for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Threadless – – (773) 525-8640
Threadless is a Chicago-based online marketplace for independent artists and designers, offering a range of clothing and accessories featuring unique and creative designs.

Weatherproof – – (212) 695-9110
Weatherproof is a manufacturer of outdoor and vintage-inspired clothing for men and women, offering a range of products for different weather conditions.

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