Montana may be known for its rugged terrain and vast expanses of wilderness, but it is also home to a thriving clothing manufacturing industry. From outdoor wear to high fashion, Montana has a diverse range of apparel manufacturers that are producing quality garments for a global market. Here are the top 10 clothing manufacturers in Montana:

Duckworth – – (406) 646-7588 – Based in Bozeman, Montana, Duckworth specializes in creating high-quality wool garments made from 100% Montana-grown merino wool.

Red Ants Pants – – (406) 547-3781 – Red Ants Pants is a women’s workwear company based in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Their garments are designed to fit and function well for working women.

Schnee’s – – (406) 587-0981 – Schnee’s is a footwear and clothing company that specializes in outdoor gear, hunting apparel, and accessories.

West Paw – – (406) 585-0505 – West Paw is a pet products company based in Bozeman, Montana. They specialize in creating eco-friendly, non-toxic, and durable pet toys and accessories.

MyStream – – (406) 219-3403 – MyStream is a women’s apparel company based in Bozeman, Montana. They create versatile, comfortable, and stylish clothing for everyday wear.

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths – – (406) 222-7130 – Tom Morgan Rodsmiths is a fly fishing gear company based in Bozeman, Montana. They specialize in handcrafted fly rods and accessories.

Topo Designs – – (406) 577-2771 – Topo Designs is an outdoor lifestyle brand based in Bozeman, Montana. They create high-quality bags, apparel, and accessories that are both functional and stylish.

Spika Design and Manufacturing – – (406) 259-4740 – Spika Design and Manufacturing is a hunting apparel and gear company based in Belgrade, Montana. They offer a wide range of products for hunters, including jackets, pants, and backpacks.

Over Under Clothing – – (406) 922-0078 – Over Under Clothing is a lifestyle brand based in Bozeman, Montana. They offer a range of clothing and accessories for men, women, and pets.

BAP – – (406) 652-3311 – BAP is a custom clothing manufacturer based in Billings, Montana. They offer design and production services for companies and individuals who want to create their own custom clothing.

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