France is a us of a famend for its high-end trend and luxurious garb brands. It’s no shock that there are lots of apparel wholesale suppliers that provide greatest merchandise to shops and businesses. From fashion designer manufacturers to inexpensive options, there may be some thing for each price range and style. Here are the pinnacle 10 apparel wholesale suppliers in France.

La Redoute ( | Phone: zero 892 350 350): La Redoute is a famous French on-line retailer that affords a vast determination of apparel and domestic decor items. They provide less costly and fashionable apparel for men, women, and kids.

Zara ( | Phone: 0800 914 139): Zara is a Spanish apparel company that presents brand new garb for men, women, and kids. They’re recognised for their exquisite merchandise and low-priced prices.

Galeries Lafayette ( | Phone: 09 sixty nine 39 seventy five 75): Galeries Lafayette is a famous French branch keep that provides a vast decision of clothing, accessories, and splendor products. They have a popularity for presenting high-end trend and luxurious products.

Mango ( | Phone: 09 seventy seven forty forty 77): Mango is a Spanish trend company that gives low-priced and fashionable garb for women. They’re recognised for their latest designs and awesome products.

Kiabi ( | Phone: 09 sixty nine 32 zero 23): Kiabi is a French apparel retailer that presents lower priced and brand new garb for men, women, and kids. They have a huge decision of apparel this is best for any budget.

Camaieu ( | Phone: 09 sixty nine 32 zero 23): Camaieu is a French apparel manufacturer that provides low priced and present day garb for women. They have a vast determination of garb it truly is ideal for any style.

Carrefour ( | Phone: 0800 two 717): Carrefour is a French hypermarket that provides a vast decision of products, which includes apparel for men, women, and kids. They provide cheap and elegant garb options.

Celio ( | Phone: 01 seventy three four 20 51): Celio is a French garb company that gives first-rate and fashionable garb for men. They have a recognition for imparting basic and timeless designs.

Promod ( | Phone: zero 892 seven hundred 200): Promod is a French trend manufacturer that gives low-priced and brand new garb for women. They’re regarded for their special and colourful designs.

Naf Naf ( | Phone: 01 forty one 10 10 60): Naf Naf is a French trend company that provides elegant and inexpensive apparel for women. They have a extensive choice of apparel it’s best for any occasion.

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